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Lightbulb Re: Teaching the names of techniques.

I think most instructors and serious students see the class time as precious. I think this is a good way to look at it. The emphasis should be on the physical aspects of the art. Therefore, teaching the names of the technique is something best left for off-the-mat work. It WOULD be nice to know the names of these techniques, so perhaps there are other ways to ask.

In my dojo, we created a private Yahoo! Group for the members to ask questions, make announcements, post calendar events, etc. If your instructor does not object, maybe you can institute a similar means off off-the-mat communication and get the names of these techniques.

Of course, this requires a certain commitment on the part of your instructors to make the e-group work in this way, or perhaps a high ranking student can take it upon himself to do the work and answer the questions students may have.

Hope this helps!

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