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Re: To sutemi, or not to sutemi

Bryan Bateman wrote:
and I use them in randori too, but, like all techniques, it depends on the my interaction with my uke's as to which sutemi waza I do. In randori for example, regardless of the number of uke's, I try not to do sutemi going backwards, I will always aim for waza where I can bowl uke over with my body, which in turn bowls other uke's over with uke (I hope that's come out right).

I've just been having a chat with Boon and Michael Stuempel over in the chatroom. The general consensus is that the variation of sutemi that I would use going forward here is not considered sutemi waza. I concede that it is a kokyunage .

I definately wouldn't want to go flat on my back for even an instance in a randori or on the street, regardless of the number of attackers. But, there may be a time when it is necessary depending on uke' s movement. Don't rule it out as an option .



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