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Teaching the names of techniques.

Hello. I thought I'd start the day with perhaps a bit of controversial subject for some.

During the roughly 6 months I've trained Aikido I've noticed that there is a reluctance amongst my teachers, or lack of will, to seriously teach the beginners and veterans the names of the techniques. After 6 months I still don't know the names of even the most basic of techniques eventhough I've done the technique(s) a hundred times allready.

There doesn't seem to be any kind of easily-available literature the teachers are willing to recommend, and we haven't had any theoretical sessions with this subject either.

The reason I have a problem with this arrangement, or lack of, is caus I personally functon alot better when I have all the facts, even if they are considered "less important" by others.

Does anyone else agree on this or disagree? I'd like a second opinion from outside my club.
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