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Re: To sutemi, or not to sutemi

To sutemi or not to sutemi....

Only now I can contribute; since earlier on I don't have the experience to input.

Yesterday in class I had a san nin dori jiyu waza session. I remembered telling myself over and over again I want to include at least a sutemi (ashi nage) tech in the jiyu waza because in my opinion, it looks good. It is a very pretty technique. Very dramatic.

However when the jiyu waza started, I failed to even execute one sutemi technique despite my conscious mind telling me to include at least one. There just isn't enough time to do a sutemi tech when you have three people charging at you. One to one jiyu waza is OK, I can sutemi all I want. But with three uke(s) it was impossible.

I only remember using a few techniques during the whole jiyu waza session.... Irimi tsuki/shomenate, iriminage/aigamae ate, ushiro ate, kokyunage. And they are mainly from the atemi waza family. All these waza(s) where not planned and they just happened as my subconscious mind reacted to the situation. And I believe when you are at most stressed and at most tired is when your body is most honest to you.

Therefore I believe in all honesty atemi waza is indispensable when facing multiple opponents as my subconscious mind has told me.

What does other practitioner think about the above point?

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.


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