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akiy wrote:
That's because the infant will most likely look at you and say "wah."
Which is precisely my point. I didn't say no explanation just too much explanation. So what happens in this situation? You give the child an excellent role model (most everyone around it walks) plus tons of support and love. You can't talk a child to death so you support, help, show it and give it unlimited opportunity to try and fail. My point is that some people will spend 55% of their time talking and 7% of it feeling. I don't think that will work terribly well for most people although I suspect that some would love it.

Have you ever been to a rehabilitation center for adults who are "relearning" how to walk? Or learning how to use their new prosthetic arm? I'll bet you it's not, "Here's your new arm. Just wave it around some. Oh, you might poke your eye a few times, but you'll learn."
And I'll bet that learning to use a prostethetic isn't a 2 week lecture followed by a hearty good luck and far thee well. I bet they get some explanation but that the vast majority of time is spent giving them an opportunity to use the device time and time again.
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