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Originally posted by ca
I guess I'm still confused by what is meant by 'resistence' ... I'm on the small side and even if I wanted to risk body parts resisting a big nage (who might be tempted to respond with dangerous muscle rather than improved technique)
Yes, indeed. I recently had the pleasure of strength over improved technique. I'm big enough that I make a healthy speed bump and not too long ago I locked up on a guy. I was trying to make a point of where he broke connection. He didn't get that the only reason he had my arm was because I gave it to him. Anyways, he nearly broke my arm (I yelped and slapped which scared him I think) and still doesn't have any idea of how badly he was doing things. He even lectured me. My own damn fault as I know better but I really expected him to get what I was trying to tell him. It was sooooo obvious.

Still, it was worth it for the lesson. Next time I'll just counter it or go with it.
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