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James Young
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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Mike Sigman wrote:
I doubt it. L.A. traffic is not something I get involved in for pleasure. Maybe if it was in Denver or some smaller venue I'd be tempted, but not the major urban cities.
Don't let the traffic discourage you. The venue at CSU Dominguez Hills is very close to the airport (less than 15 miles I think). So you wouldn't have to really fight too much traffic, if any, to get there.

Getting back to the topic at hand I think I get what you are saying. That is that "aiki" (by the definition given earlier) can be manifested by individuals in various forms of techniques. One can witness someone like Abe-sensei utilizing it with his very subtle and hardly visible movements just as well as someone like Tada-sensei with his larger, sharper, and "explosive" movements utilizing it as well. It's more about what that power is and where it originates from more than the visible form it takes through an individual's technique.
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