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Re: causing no (serious) harm


I appreciate discussions with you as well. No one forces me to be quite as thoughtful in my reply as you. If I'm ever in the area you can be sure that I'll let you know and try to set up a visit! And the invitation is extended right back at you.

I meant not criticism on your drill. I understand that it was a beginner drill meant to show a point. I guess I like to only set my students up to fail if I know I can show them exactly what they need to change in order to succeed immediately after. That's just my opinion of how to keep the dojo feeling positive.

I am of the opinion that my worst fault as a teacher (student-teacher) is that I do not pull the rug out from under my students as often as it was done to me. I know that was very valuable trianing. My opinion on that is that I am not yet qualified to judge how to most effectively do such a thing. I am concerned that I am failing to train my students in how to deal with that common practice, but I do tell them that this is my faiuling and I think they have to accept me for my own limitations. Maybe in 20 more years, I'll start feeling more qualified to do that kind of thing.

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