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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Hello Alex,

Yes, I know the article and have some stuff Inaba wrote in Japanese. There is a book called "Budo e no izanai: Nihon Seishin no Shuuyou". When you next meet KS, ask him if he My own connection with him is through my very first aikido teacher, who is a senior member of that dojo. This was before I met K. Chiba in Chiswick (in the days of the AGB). I remember Sekiya Sensei mentioning two powerful students, Inaba and Noguchi. Of course, they also trained with Yamaguchi Sensei.

Best regards,
I see that I sent the post without finishing a sentence. I meant that you should ask Kanetsuka Sensei when you next see him if he knows of the book.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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