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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Rob Liberti wrote:
I would agree that Yamaguchi sensei did not stress kokyu over aiki in his teaching of aikido and was quite awesome. Yet, he and his students certainly had/have kokyu power in abundance.

Saotome sensei's first teacher was Yamaguchi sensei. Some other notable students (for members of this forum) would be Endo sensei, Yasuno sensei, Takeda sensei, Gleason sensei, and I believe Christian Tissier sensei as well (not to mention some of their own students).

I chose my approach based on the number of excellent students produced by that training methodology. Just curious, who are the notable students of Tada sensei? I don't know that lineage very well at all.

I was not thinking in terms of lineage, so much as my own direct experience of these shihans over the twenty-odd years I have been here. Both have/had large numbers of senior students here in Japan. Yamaguchi Shihan had kokyuu but did not stress it: he was able to control uke's balance. Tada Shihan places great stress on kokyuu and on stranding exercises. Of course, when he was a deshi, he supplemented his aikido training with training under Tenpu Nakamura (as did Tohei) and others.

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