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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Minoru Kanetsuka was not directly related to the Shiseikan. His relationship came indirectly through Takushoku University, also attended by Tanaka Shigeho (and, incidentally by Masatake Fujita).
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Kanetsuka Sensei had more a prolonged - although informal - influence from the Shiseikan in later years: for a while (in the late eighties, if I recall correctly) he had quite close contacts with Minoru Inaba, now head of the Shisekan, and would travel halfway across Europe to see him. I remember him speaking of Inaba as if he were some kind of prodigy - even though he is a little younger than Kanetsuka, the latter had great respect for his insights. I would guess the initial link with Inaba would have been through Sekiya Sensei.

There is an Aikido Journal interview with Inaba here:

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