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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
>I can do things to my own students that they can not do. In time
>though, some of them can do it right back on me. If you
>understand something it becomes technical - it can be explained,
>so you teach it.

Yes, I can definitely understand that.

>Ezra Sensei is beyond me and I can't do it so can not explain. His
>body skill is subtle. You grab him but you can not control what
>you hold.

I have been in that situation also, so I understand what you're talking about. And I agree, you can't explain it or teach it. But if you experience it enough and train enough, you start to understand it and then you're on your way.

>And yes - time and strategy. They are major components of
>harmony, as is distance or space. It is not easy to fit time or
>space into explanations of feeling, but that's where we need to go.

Time and timing are two separate components that have an important part in things. Distance and space are another two.

No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. If you're good enough with aiki, ki, timing, and distance, you can "make" some uki believe that the space that they are going to occupy has suddenly been occupied by tori/nage. The time part is the fraction of a second where tori/nage occupies that space with ki/whatever. The timing is knowing when to start and end this process. The space is the exact point where uki believes himself to be. The distance is how much each person moves to accomplish these things. But all four are separate entities.

Now, if a tori/nage can do this without physically occupying that space, that's what I call using ki. My opinion. But when you can do that (and I can't, yet), and use aiki/blending/harmonizing, then you have an infinite amount of choices/movements to play with.

Think about blending with an uki to redirect them where you want them and then occupying the space they were going to land in with your ki. You would have an uki that would be putty in your hands. And that's about as well as I can explain some of the things I've felt but couldn't comprehend. And I'm not even sure I'm right in my thinking that this is what is going on. But until I'm further along and can understand more ... it'll be a mystery worth solving.

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