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Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

Ah, got it. There is a strap that comes from back to front on the velcro hakama that attaches in the front and then is secured in place by another flap. The strap is also how things are adjusted.

I'd think that if the strap would fit through whatever opening there is in the saya, it would work at least as well as the ties on the traditional hakama. As far as supporting the weight, I think it might work better. If there is a need for it to hold things in place during the draw it might have an issue if there isn't enough of the strap in place in front, so you might have to adjust it a bit lopsided.

Even then, though, I shouldn't think so. I couldn't swear to it, though.

I guess I'd go ahead and wear the belt with the hakama in a case like that. You don't really need one with the velcro hakama, but with the kind of thing you're talking about I'd consider it insurance.

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