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Dan Hover
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What can you really say?

to be taken at such a young age, when you still have plenty left to give...
Under Toyoda Shihan, he took my small enrollment Aikido dojo under his organization we had maybe ten students, but by his interaction with me, I was treated no differently than a dojo-cho who has 100 students or even 1000. That speaks volumes on his character and on his emphasis on building and maintaining relationships in his organization and in Aikido throughout. Of all the Shihan I have trained with (10+) he was always the most grounded, approachable and always seemed to be having the most fun. I joined his organization late, but was treated like an old friend from day one. This speaks tremendously about himself and that quality that he imparted upon the rest of the members of his organization, in regards to openess and acceptance. I am truly thankful for the times I did have with him, sadly there were not enough...

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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