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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Mike Sigman wrote:
Is it possible for you to describe something of an instance that you "could not understand"? I.e., was it a command of technique/application or was it in terms of body power/skill?
I can do things to my own students that they can not do. In time though, some of them can do it right back on me. If you understand something it becomes technical - it can be explained, so you teach it. Ezra Sensei is beyond me and I can't do it so can not explain. His body skill is subtle. You grab him but you can not control what you hold. Tamura Sensei did something similar to me last year but he was more interested in having fun with me than trying to teach me anything. Ezra Sensei tries his best to teach you what he is doing yet it is exceedingly difficult to copy. It is sometimes possible to do it on someone less skilled than yourself, but impossible to do back on Ezra. It is good to meet people like Ezra if only to expand your realm-of-the-possible. Another great man I met only a couple of times was a Bagua/Hsing I/Tai Chi teacher in Tokyo called Mr. So. He could do anything to anyone - they were puppets in his hands. He did not have that Aikido 'love and peace' outlook and used his skill at 'harmonising' with devious yet superbly skillful martial purpose. It's a body thing, not technical. I am up to my ears in technical. Actually, it's both - I just need to get my body in order!

And yes - time and strategy. They are major components of harmony, as is distance or space. It is not easy to fit time or space into explanations of feeling, but that's where we need to go.

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