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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
Terry Ezra was Kanetsuka's #1 student - but has now chosen to go his own way - and is the only person I have come across who did things to me that I could not understand. The guy is amazing. Again, vids do not do him justice. Experience it for yourself.
Is it possible for you to describe something of an instance that you "could not understand"? I.e., was it a command of technique/application or was it in terms of body power/skill?
ki/chi/aiki - To me, ki / chi is that magical energy that I don't really believe in.
A single magical energy that permeates the universe? No, I don't either. That's just an ancient paradigm that the Chinese used before the advent of scientific method. Most modern Chinese don't really believe in a single magical force, either. Wang Xiang Zhai, founder of yiquan, said all the qi stuff was bunkum as do many others. The physical skills, which have traditionally been referred to as "qi" for centuries, are unusual and real, but they all seem to fall into accordance with the natural physical laws when you look at them closely. That kind of "qi" I believe in, but I consider the name just an arbitrary and vague handle.
Aiki, however, is the feeling of merging/blending/flowing (or not, if you so choose) with your partner - the feeling can be soft / sticky plastic / or firm. That's how I rationalise it to myself. The problem is, we all have different definitions and end up talking cross purposes.
Debate-wise, I'd point you to Shioda's comments about "harmony" (i.e., "aiki") when he talks about atemi. I.e., I would venture that ki and kokyu are skills that are independent of technique and strategy components that you appear to be adding to the definition. My opinion, only.


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