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Originally posted by PeterR
Resistance is attempting to defeat the technique.
Hi Peter.

I think we are talking macro/micro level aikido here. I don't see defeating a technique as having meaning other than as a method of improving technique. I'm fine with this by the way.

I've run into plenty of strong/stubborn people who could defeat a specific technique (particularly when they knew what was coming), yet were wildly vulnerable to alternatives. They were defeating a technique but on a macro level it was pretty useless stuff as I'm not really in much danger (good center training though). The uke's that are really good are the one's who can take your center with the attack or drill you thereby ending the confrontation on a macro level if you aren't doing things correctly. Conversely, if I control center, the application of a specific technique doesn't have quite as much meaning either.

This is the crux of my issue with static training. People resist at points that you couldn't in a dynamic perspective and then think they are doing something they really aren't.

I'm still thinking it isn't resistance that you are practicing. I'll wander down to the Tomiki folks in the near future and see what they say about it. This sort of conversation works better in person.

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