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Re: causing no (serious) harm

For example, do you move away from the abstract ballistic strikes of kihon waza training to the varied angled and timed strikes of left hook or the right cross or the uppercut on a weekly or daily basis? How often? How often does one need to allow the ground-fighting option or the inclusion of kicks and/or hidden weapons in order to bring some purifying efficacy to the training? Etc.
This is a good question, and if using your art in a contemporary setting is important to you, a very important question. I don't have anwer...but I find it interesting that some early students of aikido found it possible to translate their training in the the contemporary context of say boxing attacks...Shioda Kancho tells a story of dealing with a boxer (rather harshly in my opinion) that is good food for thought. Perhaps it is not necessary to see every attack used today before hand if the riai is properly understood.


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