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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

HI Mike and All,

Thank you to Clarke, Ellis, Steven, and Peter for chiming in! Quite a lot of information. I have heard on pretty good authority that Shioda Kancho continued his Daito ryu training for some period of time after his training association with Ushiba Sensei ended. Basically, it is said that he chased everyone out of the dojo to train with Horikawa Sensei. Some comments on this can be found here:

I have since confirmed that this did indeed take place, but I don't know on how regular a basis. I'd be interested in Mike's (and others) take on what usage of 'ki' and kokyu they see in any video of Daito ryu demonstrations, particularly in this case, the Kodokai.

I also noted something that Stan Pranin added to the thread...But I'll ask him about that in the original thread.

Thanks again all,

Ron Tisdale
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