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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Josh Phillipson wrote:
what would you say if someone said:

religion is the pursuit of: God
ki is the pursuit of: Power
Hmm. Don't know if I could agree with that.

I'd be more likely to opine that religion is the pursuit of power, myself. And many folks following asian spiritual traditions might venture that their pursuit of things relating to ki was a way to reach for god-ness.


Personally, I don't think religion has anything it can or ought to say about ki. Much like the church-and-state seperation, religion should be in the heart, the church/temple/grove, and in the home, if you choose to believe ... but religion has no place in the dojo unless the dojo is connceted to a (related, i.e.; Shinto or Buddhist) religious tradition itself (ad then very likely it would have very specific doctrine concerning ki and kami and such...).


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