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Re: Hakama for non-yudansha

I'm not a very experienced aikidoka, nor english speaker for that mather. so forgive me if i dont express myself very well. I just wanted to tell my experience about the mather.

Were i practice is a very small dojo, we are about 20 students in the adult class. and my sensei, who is a woman, only authorize to use a hakama to those students that she thinks as family, and that to her eyes, follow the spiritual concepts and ideas of the founder and of aikido itself. It is also very important to be an active participant of the dojo activities (such as going to class, collaborate whith anything from ideas, to texts, thoughts, or even being sempai to the children class). although i've never seen anyone using hakama before geting to 4rth kyu, I seriusly doubt that this is the point.

I've recently received the honor to use a hakama myself. To me, its not a sign of status or whatsoever. Its, something that incourages me to try everyday even harder, to control my spirit and to grow in every way of my life.

Thats all, thank you for reading, I hope someone agrees with me =)

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