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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Let me see if I can find the book at home. It may have been one I borrowed from my instructor.

In the meantime, perhaps folks like Peter Goldsbury or Chris Li might have some time to take a look?

-- Jun
Hello Jun,

I only have the Japanese original. I did read the English translation when I was in Holland recently, but I did not have the Japanese text with me then, so I could not evaluate the translation. The English text reads very well and I read the entire book in a couple of hours, but my suspicion is that this is the result of fairly heavy editing

The section heading in question (on p.129 of the Japanese text), reads "Ki to wa baransu no kesshuu". (Ki is the concentration/marshalling together of [the elements of] balance]). "Baransu" is written in katakana and is the Japanese version of "balance". Notice that there is no talk of kuzushi.

A little further on, on p.130, we have: "watashi wa, ki to wa baransu no kesshuu" da to kangaete imasu." (My thinking is that ki is the concentration/marshalling together of [the elements of] balance).

"Tadashii shinsei to kokyuu, sore ni shuuchuuryoku kara umareta bakuhatsu ryoku." (The explosive power which is created from the concentrated power of correct posture and breathing. Literally: Correct posture and breath: added to this the explosive force of the concentrated power [of these]).

"Chuushinsen no chikara mo sou dashi, taimingu mo ki no naka ni irete ii to omoimasu." (The strength of the centre line is also produced in this way. I think it good to include also timing within ki).

There is then a detailed discussion of the concept in terms of the entire encounter between oneself and one's partner.

Best regards,

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