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Re: Rolling with a sword?

Hey, Chuck, Janet -

I guess I'm wondering about the utility of ukemi in koryu - you teach it to practitioners to facilitate training, sure. Still, it seems like at least most of the koryu jujutsu (that I'm only partially exposed to at best, of course) where somebody goes down, ukemi or not, somebody's going down on top of them, and knifing them at the same time. Janet's already pointed out the armor-related battlefield issues with falling down - and besides, ukemi or not, that guy with the spear's going to poke you a whole bunch of times. Even in the Edo period stuff, somebody who can knock you down or throw you <while you are holding a sword> presumably doesn't aim to give back all that ground.

Nice gendai judo, you're gonna try and get out of a throw or pin (well, mine, at least, they suck) but ...

I'd be curious to know the context of ukemi in ono ha itto ryu (or others) kata to get a better sense of this. Particularly if somebody does ukemi and goes on to 'win', eh?

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