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Mike Sigman
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Re: Shioda, Tohei, and Ki Things

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Do you have any comments about the above? I'd be interested in hearing a native speaker's viewpoint on the statements by Shioda Sensei on the different powers (centerline power, focus power, breath power, ki power, etc.). Especially as it pertains to this statement and statements like it:

Ki is the mastery of balance

In aikido we often use the work 'ki', or energy, but this word covers a variety of meanings. "Ki" as it is manifested in the performance of techniques is what we have when the components of correct posture, center line, breathing, the explosive power of focused energy, timing, etc., come together so that we reach the hightst state of perfect balance. It might be said that 'ki' is the 'mastery of balance'.

Thanks, Ron
Just to clarify, Ron, notice that the heading says "Ki is the mastery of balance". In the normal English usage that immediately leads a not-too-careful reader into the idea that Ki is the mastery of stability or equilibrium. The text below, though, elucidates that the "balance" is actually a "balance of skills". In my opinion, the translation for the paragraph heading should have been "Ki is the mastery of a balance of physical skills".


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