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Jake Karlins
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Re: what does religion say about ki?

IMO traditional religion doesn't say a whole lot about ki, at least explicitly. I don't see it in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism. Hinduism, Islam, I know less about. But I'm not really that well-educated in religion, I could be off-base. It just seems that people who are equating ki and religion have to do so on their own, and stretch traditions a little (not a bad thing necessarily, but to say ki is inherent in Christianity or whatever is far from orthodox, arguable, maybe, but that's the thing- it's not clear).
Which religion? are they all lumped in together (this implies to me they're all the same, and is this accurate?)?
I didn't find the Bible quote all that convincing, seems very open to interpretation. I find the new age prana quote a little disturbing, in that it suggest I can "have infinite power, now." Sounds like a sales pitch. However, what I do agree with, in a more general way, is that many spiritual people of various ilk seem to tap into some kind of energy- this isn't theory here, I'm saying that when I'm in the prescence of really religious people, even those whose ideas I find problematic, I often feel a great deal of energy coming from them. This suggests to me that there's something going on- some connection between energy manifesting itself and religion. What the connection is, though I don't know. I'm kind of waiting for this connection to make itself clear in its own time.

one last response- I'd say religion is more about the pursuit of truth, and about training to live well in the world, more about this than the search for God. If God is part of that truth, fine, if not, that's okay, too. I would also differ with the idea that ki is "the pursuit of power." I see it as a living thing, to be experienced. What you do with your ki is up to you. Traditionally, it tends to be used to heal, or to increase function in martial arts. It makes the body work better. Whether this is power or not, I don't know...
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