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Rod Yabut
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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

Mr Valadez,

David Valadez wrote:
For some reason, that makes sense to me, especially because it is not so easy to train seriously at a seminar - especially some of the bigger ones.
I am in clear agreement with what you said above. That's respectable anyway you look at it.

David Valadez wrote:
At a seminar, you can tell who is a serious student and who is not - pretty much at first glance. Serious Aikido students sit in seiza differently, they walk differently, their body looks different, they move differently, they have a different gaze, etc.
This I have to disagree with you. I can't tell from looking at a person if they are a serious aikido practioner or not. Maybe after the first technique performed or first ukemi I can judge. But in my very humble opinion, this shouldn't be a way to approach practice.

David Valadez wrote:
I believe I may know of the dojo you are referring too.
Of course, this was shared with me. I wasn't there to see what really happened, but I have to say that the person that shared this with me is goofy off the mat, but as serious as they come on it.

I'm glad you shared another perspective on it though, it always better to hear both sides.

Re: May I come visit your dojo?


Rod Yabut wrote:
My second two cents…

While sharing seminar experiences, I remember a fellow aikidoka telling me that he went to a seminar once where a group from one dojo just practiced amongst themselves. It wasn't their choice because by their sensei actions, he made it a point that they practice amongst themselves and not with the general seminar attendees.
In retrospect, it is their preference - and their "loss" for not exploring the possibilities of their aikido and losing the opportunity to try it with on a different body type. So this same mentality may apply to this unwelcoming dojo.
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