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Just a few quick responses:

1. Though strength is important, I feel it only makes up for aspects of the technique/extension that are weak. I do a fair bit of strength training (for this reason!) but the only way I can stop even the weakest members of my club doing a good nikyo/sankyo on me is if I use extension (i.e. my whole body).

2. Colleen - I'm surely not that high up in the food chain - and I'm a big believer that everyone's experience in aiki is different and therefore valuable. I'm still blushing from the complement, which can't be good for my karma.

3. If full resistance (including counters) is used it would be a very difficult situation as basically I would extend through everyones technique and it would be pretty hard to achieve anything. By stationary I mean using full strength (but no aiki/extension) to pin/hold an opponent. Admittedly it is rare, but it does teach you how to maximise body power, and people do try to pin you (stationary) to either intimidate you or to set you up for another attack e.g. a knife stab by a friend (their friend , not yours!.

Seems I've opened up a can of worms - we may be arguing about semantics. Thanks for your feedback anyway - it's definately worth trying different things just to get a broader experience. Also, its made me realise why randori can sometimes be poor - if the technique is not good the uke can just stand there not doing anything, making aikido a bit obsolete.

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