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Re: Tying The Hakama

Chris Guzik wrote:
length significantly enough to be an annoyance? I.e., do you end up either with a "high-water hakama" when tucking, or having it be too long when not tucking?
Not terribly. I don't actually wear a hakama during 'regular' taijutsu class, but when I don the black laundry bag for demos or whatever, the tuck has never proved a problem.

I've got one hak that is WAY too long, and I have to tuck it to keep it short enough.

Hi-waters: Heck, I think most folks wear their hakama much too long, amyhow ...

Chris Guzik wrote:
Does the knot of the front himo in back bother you during any ukemi?
Not really. We seldom take ukemi directly flat anyway, almost always on the hip rather than the lower spine.


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