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Michael Holm
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Re: Hakama for non-yudansha

Jo Adell wrote:
And if I ever get my Aaiki-Tango workshop off the ground and onto the mat, I intend to wear hakama as I will be the Teacher and I bloody well am going to Look like one!
There will be a combined Aikido and Tango class in Copenhagen, Denmark next Saturday
If anyone is near, mail me and I will send you invitation - me and my 4 feets are not going

Aikido without Hakama, what will be next Matrix without leather jackets ??

But beside the famous quote "when in Rome, do.." the best reason is that the hakama looks and gives a cool feeling - except when you are tripping in it

BTW Ki Aikido Dojo in Denmark normally uses hakama from 2. kyu - I tell my students that they should be aware when training at seminars, other people will be more inclined to think a hakama-person will be able to take care of himself when doing ukemi - so I secretly hope the student will train more to live up to the hakama

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