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Rolling with a sword?

I have question about rolling with a sword.
In old Japan many people walked around carry-ing swords. The sword would hang in it's sheath on a belt.

My question: how does this work with rolling (or actually falling in general)?

I tried rolling with a bokken in my hand. That's no problem. But if you have real sword, you'd have the sheath hanging on your belt all the time. So I tried rolling with the bokken in my belt. Well... I got to about 1/2 to 3/4 of the roll (forward) and then it got in the way and ended up flat on my back ^^. (It was a fun experience though. I kinda knew it would happen. But I tried to be sure).

Anyway, after that. I was left wondering. How would all those samurai roll?

Can anyone shed some light? Thanks
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