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Re: causing no (serious) harm

I don't mean to be discourtious, but I have no idea where that story happened.

Unfortunately, that was a story I heard from Gleason sensei and he is off in Ohio right now doing a week long camp about aikido and kotodama ( When he is back, I will ask him and I hope he remembers.

I do agree that it would be a bit shocking to have happened in Japan but I can say from my personal experience that you can get someone pretty worked up in Japan by total accident - especailly as a gaijin!!! There were times when I was "invited to leave" a yatai by some creepy Japanese guy who was probably one of those ultra-nationalists who drive those big white and black vans with the loud speakers yelling about how bad the foreigners are amoung other things. I have also heard about a very powerful uchi deshi who totally flew off the handle at some poor guy who failed to bring his personal camera to dojo event - because the guy normally did (eventhough he was never asked to do so). The poor guy simply didn't bring his camera to one event, and there was a this uchi deshi yelling in rage at him while dragging about 5 people (his seniors!) across the floor to get at this poor guy. That uchi deshi is a terribly nice guy and I never thought he would lose it like that. My point is that, you can't avoid every problem.

I have some rental units. Sometimes I think I being a wonderful landlord and next thing you know I'm dealing with an angry tenant who might have some serious anger management issues. You never know. Pressure can get to people and people do snap.

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