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Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

When you say "stand up" do you mean staying on, or wearing out?

As far as staying on, I'd say it might do better than the traditional hakama. But I'd also say that was a function of adjusting it correctly.

The one time I wore one it was borrowed (I'd forgotten mine at home and it was a promotion for some of my students) and I couldn't (or at least felt it was inappropriate to) adjust it completely. Even so, it stayed put just fine. A couple of tweaks to the adjustment and there would have been no problem.

As far as wearing out I'd have to say that fabric is fabric. I've seen velcro hakamas made out of heavy fabric and light fabric. The heavy fabric holds up better, but it seems like it would be hot.

The design for the fastening system is actually patented. It is fairly clever, I think. It's designed so that you can't just pull and get the velcro to fail. I think, in fact, the fabric might fail before the velcro would. Disclaimer: the patent holder is a friend of mine so my opinion may be a little biased.

So, actually, the answer is really, "I don't know", but my opinion is that it would do as well as a traditional hakama, maybe better.

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