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Originally posted by davoravo
Takes many years to develop self defense skills, if ever, in some cases - remember even the most famous soft sensei (eg Tohei) started out as very hard
Often breeches basic principles of self defense - turning back, awareness etc
Its the old point that to get were Ueshiba M. ended you have to make some effort to follow his path. There by the way is a great comment in Ohba Shihan's biography by Shishida Shihan on Ueshiba M.'s difficulty in flowing from one technique to the other and why in Tomiki's opinion Ueshiba's Aikido changed to the larger circles. For context it was Ohba that attacked Ueshiba M. for real in front of the Manchurian Emperor. under Aikido
In summary I think if you practice against resistance then you will have much better martial skills, but that is not what aikido is about and you may be missing the essence of the thing (if anyone finds it please tell me).
Some would say that Aikido as Budo is primarily about fighting skills. Not one of his main deshi originally went to Ueshiba because of his philosophy and his fame in Japanese circles had nothing to do with his religious beliefs.

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