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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

Peter Rehse wrote:
Hi Sean;

Shodokan Honbu would prefer non-Shodokan people to watch also. I understand this perfectly as there is a definite rhythm to the training.
I went to Shodokan Hombu in Osaka for a week or so in 1989 - and they let me train. Admittedly, I was shodan of the UK Tomiki system but to be sure, it was quite different, and interestingly so.

Since that time, several UK people have become more involved in Shodokan - to the extent that in the UK it caused a rift. Now, there are basically two Tomiki styles - one is the original UK Tomiki style, and the other consists of those who follow the Shodokan directly. I know people on both sides, and some in-betweens. As far as I know, members of the 'other' are always allowed to train if they turn up.

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