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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

they are afraid that:
1-he might be dojo busting
2-he might be better than them

I think, from my experience, that this mentality seems prevalent in Aikido more so than some other arts. (i mean at the coule of dojos i went to and the ppl i have talked to...nothing innate about aikido) There is always a passive agressive response to situations. Anger is repressed and comes out like this. He could have just said "No, we don't accept others students for liability reasons." Instead he goes on this meaningless meandering explanation. It is sad. Everyone can teach someone something and everyone can learn from someone.*

I am starting a a non-aikido school this week and the instructor told me about how students from other schools sometimes try to come there just to prove themselves. Fortunately, he has a ringer he uses in just such occassions.

(*in a general sense)

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