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Ron Tisdale
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Re: May I come visit your dojo?

While I understand your surprise and disappointment, I can also understand the response. Some places have a definate way of doing things that can be percieved as quite different from the general expectations in aikido. I know people that think if I do a straight arm shihonage they think I'm trying to hurt them on purpose...but where I train, that is just a rather commonly done variation. Imagine my surprise if I do that technique to someone and they jump up and try to smack me for it! Small differences can make a huge difference sometimes.

Personally, I've learned to be very cautious at first when taking ukemi or performing techniques in a strange environment. I almost always let the other person set the level, I almost always pattern the technique shown REALLY slowly first to see if I'm missing something, etc. Even as a yudansha, I take instruction/suggestons from the white belts if they have it...after all, they've trained in that dojo much more than I.

I wouldn't let this bother you that much. And this kind of response is exactly why I try to notify the dojo ahead of time about my visit. So far, I have had nothing but warm receptions...

Oh, I think I met you at a embukai the AKI dojo in the area had. Hope you're doing well.


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