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Re: Hakama for non-yudansha

Rich Marsh wrote:
I know the post is off topic, but Jun in all your posts it says I do not do aikido. Who are these folks and why are the visiting a forum dedicated to aikido? Just very curious
As for me, the reasons are several:

I have many dear friends who DO practice aikido (and I train with them when I can -- Heya Jun!); my wife earned shodan rank in aikido some years back; my teacher had opportunity many years past, to spend some time with folks like Shioda as well as Tohei, and he was impressed enough with what they shared that it has influenced our jujutsu. And finally, the political and spiritual wrangles of aikido are simply endlessly fascinating ...

As for hakama, I've gone boths ways over the years, but nowadays, wear hakama for weapons work almost all the time, and rarely for empty-hand (unless in a demo or the rare formal class).


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