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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Hagen Seibert wrote:
Counterpoint: I found that these times (when Sensei chose techniques he was interested in) were among those where I learned most. I'm not sure why.
My guess: You are an advanced student, so you could follow.
Well, ~0.8-3 years of experience, depending on which of these "incidences" we want to look at.

Hagen Seibert wrote:
Sensei was better motivated when picking techniques of his intrest. (The conclusion of this, though, would be that he is less motivated when explaining ordinary techniques. I´m afraid, that in turn would be my point of routine entering because of model fulfillment lessons.) (PS: Just a thought, I do not know your Sensei, and I don´t mean to be disrespectful)
I consider him a very good teacher, always motivated, interested and learning himself. It might very well be that picking techniques of special interest might add a little bit of extra motivation on his side. Maybe doing something "special" also gives myself some extra motivation. And then I'm pretty sure that there's a different kind of "learning atmosphere" in these cases, which should make a positive difference as well. Kind of "searching for the answer together with Sensei" instead of "searching for the answer Sensei wants to teach us".
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