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Re: Stupid things you've done when drunk!

Oh God, where do I start?

One of the worst examples involved a bunch of Newfies in a remote cabin, (in Labrador - go look it up) hammered, when someone decided it would be neat to get out the shotguns. Let's just say no one was harmed - I don't know how...

Another time...

A good friend and I were into the third or fourth bottle of homemade wine, discussing where we were going to store our motorcycles for the upcoming winter. Well, we looked at the drywall at the end of the wreckroom, knowing there was a heated crawlspace behind it (the wreckroom was ground level) we decided the bikes would go there for the winter.

Open another bottle, get out the power tools and start cutting. Of course, his wife was away at the time...

We actually did a great job. We built a nicely finished removeable hatch that blended in nicely with the existing wall. No fingers, toes or eyes were damaged...

Oh I could go on, but I really shouldn't...
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