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Hagen Seibert
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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Yes, David, there has to be a kind of masterplan.
What I was trying to say: I believe it is better - instad of a curriculum - to have a vision of the final state. Then you see whatīs lacking, and that spurs ideas for the training lesson. Thatīs my personal preference, and it fits best to my experience.
As one starts with teaching, you need to work out the lesson in advance, and I did so myself, and I still do so for seminars. Now - some years later - I have the teaching methods/techniques available and like to use them more freely, because I feel it prevents routine and standards to enter, instead keeping motivation and creativity up. If you try to fulfill a model, you are cutting exactly this. Or to speak with aikido terms: You are not blending, but forcing it onto the students. You are acting selfcentered (sorry, this I exagarated, but I hope you may get what Iīd like to say).

I also know teachers, who admitted freely to me, that they would coose certain techniques, e.g. from the latest seminar, because THEY were interested in rehearsing these techniques. Now, thatīs not being serious as a teacher to me.

my 2 ct
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