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Re: Bokken or boken

Hello Arjan,

The other word for bokken is bokutou (--"). Here there is no glottal stop because the second kanji is different. 'Bokuken' probably became 'bokken' automatically, just as 'kaminagara-no-michi' (another word for shinto) became 'kannagara no michi'. However, for non-Japanese speakers, who do not have other similar words to think about, it is probably even easier to pronounce it 'boken', without the double 'k', but Japanese native speakers have not reached this stage yet.

In bokken, the 'o' is short. The other meaning for 'boken', as an earlier poster stated, combimes 'mother' and 'authority' ꌠ. If you lengthen the vowel, you get --`, which means adventure.

However, as I suggested above, I have never heard a Japanese native speaker pronounce 'bokken' (wooden sword) as 'boken'.

Best regards,

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