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Re: Bokken or boken

I'm pretty sure it's bokken.

In Japanese there are sounds expressed by double consonants "kk", "pp", "ss", and "tt". These sounds are pronounced like "glottal stops" or putting some pause after the preceding syllable. These sounds are counted as one "mora" (a Japanese syllabic rhythm). For instance, "kitte" can be divided into three moras "ki-t-te". It is often observed that the double consonants are often pronounced unaspirated
Bokken (wooden sword) is one of these types of words. In romaji you use a double consonant like it says above. With hiragana you put a small tsu つ between ぼ and  けん.

OK but when you Google boken aikido you get 12700 hits.
When you google bokken aikido you get 69000 hits which of course is much more but it still leaves it open for discussion don't you agree?

(what in your opinion is boken?)
Opinion? So far I have only found 母権 for boken which means something like matriarchy or maternal rights according to my Random House dictionary by Seigo Nakao.

That's the story I'm going with.
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