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Re: Love...

When I first went to Japan to study language in a language school, I met a executive from Ikea - one that was slotted for their international business/trade, etc. The gentleman new something like seven languages (fluent in at least six). Somewhere after our friendship developed, we had a conversation on the nature of language - which came up after he shared with me that he was also a poet. I asked him which language did he feel he was more able to express his poetry, etc., in - which language was more capable of expressing the deeper elements of Man, existence, and creation, etc. For some reason, I thought he would say Japanese (with the capacity for punning, and since we were in Japan to refine our language skills), or French (for similar reasons), or even his native language (due to familiarity). To my surprise, he said English. His reasoning sounded very much like what Benjamin was saying in his last line.

Just thought I would share that,

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