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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

I commenced teaching when in the Armed Forces; I was taught Methods of Instruction within my unit and advanced MOI at the school of Infantry, Warminster.

I apply that methodology to my aikido classes and find it works perfectly,

1) I plan ahead - themes and subject of classes
2) I advertise in advance planned classes
3) I prepare and rehearse phases of a class
4) Always include at least 1 Question and Answer period
5) Always test (in one form or another) students to ensure they've assimilated the core of the class theme.
6) Always include some form of revision period the content of which may be bits from several previous classes
7) The class will include theory and practical application
8) I join in and take plenty of ukemi
9) I produce handouts for particular lessons which might include new terminology or techniques
10) Be enthusiastic, Supportive and Critical when required

I deliver my classes using the following method

a) Explain (what is to be done and why)
b) Demonstrate (How it is done and again why)
c) Imitate (For those who need to, have them imitate my actions until they have the mechanics)
d) Practice (free practice of the techniques)



I'll also add that although part of a Hombu Dojo recognised organisation, I don't teach specifically a "grading orientated" class, everyone regardless of grade or ability does the same set of techniques, we look to expand a student's knowledge in a very broad way. Some of my newer students will be taking 6th and 5th kyu later this year yet, their technical ability will be beyond that grade in some areas - especially ukemi


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