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Re: Defending against Aikido

Daren Sims wrote:
Fair response. I certainly don't want to go down the what if route. Way too many variables to cover off.

Personally I think jujitsu ..BJJ or an excellent compliment to aikido and practiced it for 8 years. The instructor was very into MMA scene and competes professionally in uk.

Everything has its flaws but like most martial arts training the plusses outweigh the negatives.

I see a heck of a lot of plusses in BJJ.

Thanks for post and clearing up the voluntarily seeking the ground query.

You talk about good compliments to Aikido, but i rarely see anyone talk of sword arts as good compliments. Why? I think kendo is a great compliment to Aikido as well as tameshigiri. It helps concentration as well as awareness of self, which my sensei stresses constantly. As for the what if lines, I don't like them. The entire thing is like alternate universes. If he did this you could do this or this, or maybe even that...It's just to complicated to predict all possible human reactions to a situation.

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.
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