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Re: Tying The Hakama

I tuck the front behind the belt. Wraps the front straps twice around my obi, then cross them on the back, twist them once more on the front. I then twist them one more time on the back and finally tie them together between the gi and the hakama in the front (underneath).

Next I take the back straps above and behind my belt. Sometimes I even take them around my obi an extra time. Finally I tie them on the front op my hakama.

From my time in kendo I had learned to tie the back first and the let the front straps go around on the outside of the koshiita. I was told in my current dojo that it was considered wrong, so I've changed my ways (when in Rome). I think it is true that it looks cooler the way I do it now, but after an hour or so I really miss having my koshiita firmly tied to my back as it often 'hangs' a bit after rigorous practice.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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