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dynamic vs. stationary

This is mainly as a reply to David's comment in another thread about whether strong stationary or dynamic co-operative tehcnqiues are best, though I would welcome comments/criticisms as I haven't been instructing very long:

I have the lucky situation of having started with a more stationary style of aikido, and and now training with people who do a very dynamic and more cooperative style of aikido. I too have wrangled with this, and here is my view:

- it is good to start with stationary techniques (particularly grabs). This allows you to develop this idea of keeping your hand in your centre to enable you to use your whole body (ki, centre, whatever you call it), to overcome direct application of strength by uke. Morote dori attacks especially are good to demonstrate this. Also helps develop a type of hip movement where you move your body around the point of strength rather than trying to use arm strength to use your arm.

- once people are proficient with this movement is increased. Later on, develop the sense of timing and reaction (to strikes and grabs). This necessitates uke having to 'turn off' i.e. not being 'co-operative' but just commiting to the attack strongly and aggressively, and not having any thought of reaction to a defence (i.e. they should think the attack is going to land on nage).

I think if you learn how to use your body from stationary initially, if you ever get caught in the situation where people do resist or change during a dynamic attack you can then generate body movement (and it becomes a natural response to a stationary situation). However the dynamic response should be your first line of defence (as part of aikido to me is the instantaneous reaction to an attack, and uke feeling that you were there one second, and then you dissapear).

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