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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

Dave Organ wrote:
In other words, how do you personally approach teaching Aikido?
When I'm teaching I''m teaching, when I'm uke I'm uke, when I'm tori I'm tori. I find it best to concentrate on what I'm doing at the time, thereby giving a good proportion of my attention to it. I hope this approach enables me to be a serious teacher, uke or tori

If I wish to progress through the dan ranks, I also have to make a serious commitment to teaching in some way, as this will be considered by my sensei when he's deciding when I'm ready to test.

While I'm teaching, I try to find a way to inspire each student in this art of Aikido, encouraging them to enjoy their training and to progress at the highest level they are capable of. When my students are enjoying themselves and doing well, I have succeeded

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