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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

When working with people with street experience, you can learn just how effective a lot of the techniques/principles are. For instance, I find fast, strong, intrusive irimi movements really suprise people (not to mention totally breach their center.) I think Aikido techniqes are so effective because they are so unique. (AKA: hardly anyone has ever seen them before.)

I have a friend that was a seasoned street fighter that was interested in what I was taking for martial arts; so, I asked him to attack (grab) and I entered in, then told him to try and elbow me in the kidney...I then cut down on the inside of the striking elbow and did tenkan and then executed irmi nage movement...stopping right as I broke his balance so that he didn't fall. His comment, "@#$%, that could really hurt if you did that to someone on concrete!"
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