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Re: Defending against Aikido

Daren Sims wrote:

It may well be where you end up...but voluntarily going to the ground for me is an absolute no no.

This is why NHB and MMA while being excellent training are still not the same as street fighting.

What about multiple attackers, what about drunken bystanders who are ready to kick off at any excuse?

I agree for sure that if you've no choice then its a great idea to have a ground game. If this is your strength and you know its just the 2 of you then again...why not?

But I can't agree that its a place to go voluntarily and would certainly never recommend it except as a last resort.

On a different note in response to other posts ...I've been lead to believe that ukemi is mainly to enable safe practice. As an option against realistically applied attacks it probably doesn't exist other than as a breakfall.


I never condone going to the ground if you do not have to. My assumption is that a aikidoka has your balance, you are defending yourself, he/she is probably already well ahead of your ability to regain posture, therefore you are going to the ground. Best way I know to save yourself is to grab ahold of something like clothing and ride it down minimizing the next move which I assume would be pin or atemi or something.

The best situation is to not let them take your balance in the first place!

I agree with is the same argument I argue with all the time with my BJJ buddies about multiple opponents. You'd be suprised that most of them agree to, but still practice for the sport aspect of it because it is fun.

I have had some new insights into the Army Combatives program which is heavily based on BJJ. In training my soldiers for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) most of the high probability scenarios favor BJJ since we do not go into room clearing alone and you are overwhelmed by an opponent and with all your crap on you simply do a controlled fall and hold the guy until your buddy can subdue him.

Don't want to get off on this tangent though. Sorry, but when you start talking "what if's" and realitiy opens up a whole nother ball game and many, many variables to consider that we cannot replicate nor need to in the dojo.
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